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Witch Spells: How To Get Your Spell To Work For You

First up, with witch spells, you do not have to be a practicing witch to successfully cast witch spells.

In fact I say to my students they can call themselves whatever they desire, witch, magickal practitioner, conscious creator. It is really about what label you are most comfortable with.

The other important thing I want to tell you is that anyone can be, or practice witchcraft. I sometimes receive questions from people asking if they can do it, because they do not come from a line of witches. And I also have people telling me that they are more gifted because they do.

I want to debunk that myth! ANYONE can practice magick. ANYONE can rightly call themselves a witch. NO-ONE is more gifted than another person. It is instead whether you have turned on the ’switch’ of your gifts. We are all gifted. It is just that some are more intouch with their gifts than others.

In fact the most important thing you need to know when casting witch spells, in order to have your spells work for you, is that YOU are the key ingredient to their success.

This is both the best news and the most challenging news. As a spells success is not about whether magick is real or works or not. It is actually based on YOU, and whether you are energetically aligned with what you are spell casting for.

As often, without our conscious awareness, we are focused on the problem, not the solution. So we are focused on what we don’t want, or our longing, our fear of not having, our doubts etc – which are all negative energies.

And the key to witch spells being successful for you is to have absolute certainty that what you want to have happen will. So there is no doubt, no worry, no hope or longing. Instead you just know. You cast the spell with certainty and love & happiness in your heart. And you then let it all go. As it’s not about it happening in 5 minutes are any specific time frame. Instead you know it will happen, when it’s meant to.

Often it is that leap of faith and letting go which is hardest for spell casters. Once you master that, you’re set to experience exactly what you want. And here’s another tip, or insight – we ALL have different things in our lives that are easier for us to spell cast for than others.

As it depends very much on the ’stuff’ we have around it. How angry, fearful, longing, doubtful we are. All of these emotions are like mud over the diamond that is what you want to have happen for yourself.

When you remove that ‘mud’, the diamond shines brightly for you.

So I’d love to offer you a spell to get you started. And my intention is to offer more teachings and witch spells on this blog. As I want YOU to experience what your heart desires – as it’s such a buzz when you see magick work for yourself! I’m still blown away when it happens – not because I don’t expect it to – more that it’s like ‘Wow! This is so cool!’

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